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  1. Using Docker as chroot-on-steroids

    I use chroot environments quite a lot as a light way to develop/test/integrate software for different Linux distributions or even platforms (eg. Ubuntu 18.04 on ARM vs Debian 10 on x86), thanks to the Linux kernel stable ABI and qemu emulation.

    However, it was always a little …

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  2. 128-bits multiply with NumPy

    For another on-going project, I needed to do 64-bits x 64-bits to 128-bits multiply, and I needed it in Python. When doing numerical work with Python, I always use NumPy which is a really awesome library. Unfortunately NumPy is heavily biased towards hardware native types, which makes sense for efficiency …

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  3. Starting with Android development


    If you cannot find the gradlew file in your Android project directory, you should be able to build your project with the ant debug command. If you want to use Gradle anyway, you probably need to add --gradle --gradle-version 0.10.0 to your android create project command-line …

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