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biniou, or the BINary NIOUzrideur (binary newsreader), is a command-line oriented newsgrabber for alt.binaries.* USENET hierarchy.

I wrote it because I was tired of having to select all the files parts which is really annoying on command-line.
biniou is hosted on Gna!: http://gna.org/projects/biniou/.
I do not use it anymore, but there are still some users AFAIK.

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mod-ipv4 is a set of patches to modularize IPv4 support in the Linux Kernel. In other words, you can compile TCP/IPv4 support as a module (instead of in-kernel).
I originally did it to decrease the vmlinux image size, because Linux 2.6 vmlinux image was too big to boot on an exotic platform and I still wanted to use TCP/IP networking. I did not submit it on lkml, because in-kernel TCP/IP is by design: they do not want to see concurrent TCP/IP Linux stacks. It is still useful if you can't boot with big vmlinux images.
I used it on my own workstation and server for several weeks without problems, so it should be considered quite stable.
The patches are against Linux, split in 3 parts and in mbox format (formatted using git):

  1. 0001-remove-protocol-specific-code-from-random.c.patch
  2. 0002-add-support-for-mod-ipv4.patch
  3. 0003-Kbuild-update-to-allow-to-build-IPv4-as-a-module.patch

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Debian D201GLY2 support

2009/11/30 EDIT: This is of historic interrest only, as Etch is now the oldstable Debian distribution and Lenny the current stable. The D201GLY2 hardware support is much better in Lenny.

The Intel D201GLY2 motherboard is a low-cost, low-power motherboard with integrated CPU which is perfect for a home server.
For example, I use it to serve this page and to do many other things, thanks to Debian and OpenVZ (among many other free softwares). The only drawback is that all hardware pieces are not supported under Debian Etch (current stable 2009/11/30 EDIT: the current stable is now Lenny), eg. the soundcard and - more important - the sensors chip.
As I wanted to monitor the board temperatures, I backported the W83627EHF (w83627ehf.ko) and the Intel Core (coretemp.ko) sensors drivers from Linux to the Debian Etch kernel and packaged them. I also repackaged lm-sensors-3.0.2-1 from Debian Lenny (testing), as the chipsets are not supported by lm-sensors-2.10.1 included in Debian Etch (and you cannot easily pinned it from Debian Lenny, as it depends upon a newer libc). They are now available in my own repository at https://benou.fr/www/ben/old/debian/.
Here are some basic instructions to use them:

Add these 2 lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb https://benou.fr/www/ben/old/debian/ etch d201gly2
deb-src https://benou.fr/www/ben/old/debian/ etch d201gly2

Retrieve my GPG public key and add it to your apt keyring:

wget https://benou.fr/www/ben/old/benoit_ganne.asc -O - | apt-key add -

Then update your apt-cache and install the modules:

apt-get update
m-a auto-install w83627ehf coretemp

There are also binary packages directly available for linux-image-2.6.18-6-686 (Debian Etch i686 kernel) and linux-image-2.6.18-12-fza-686 (OpenVZ Debian Etch i686 kernel):

apt-get install w83627ehf-modules-2.6.18-6-686 coretemp-modules-2.6.18-6-686


apt-get install w83627ehf-modules-2.6.18-12-fza-686 coretemp-modules-2.6.18-12-fza-686

Finally, install lm-sensors:

apt-get install lm-sensors

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fand is a daemon to monitor your board temperature (CPU, chipset, etc.) and pilot your fans accordingly. It is intented to replace the fancontrol script from the lm-sensors package.
I was quite unhappy with fancontrol, because it keeps starting fans without reasons from time to time, and it does not log anything. It is written in shell script, and I found it a bit hard to hack. So I started mine.
fand is written in C, and is intended to run under Linux. It depends from lm-sensors, and more precisely libsensors4.
fand current features :

Download fand-0.1.tar.bz2.

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